8 Tips To Improve Your Website

Photo by Burst on Pexels.com

Make your website start to work for you. Want to create amazing content that helps you find customers?

Here are 8 top tips for keeping your website fresh!

1.What is your USP

Is it clear what you do? Does your website showcase your primary business? Often we provide more than once service so our websites become busy and cluttered.When someone lands on your website do they instantly know what your core business is? Does your site communicate how you can help them easily?

2.Follow the buying journey

When you work on your website you are sometimes too close. You forget to look at your website and think like a customer. If you saw your website for the first time would you be able to navigate it? Could a customer easily find what they need? Think like a customer or even better get some fresh eyes on your website and ask them to test it and feedback to you.

3. Do keyword research

Google keyword finder, Google trends and your Google analytics will help you identify keywords. Also look at the websites of your competitors. Make sure your website is optimised for your most important keywords.

4. Call to Action

It always surprises me how many beautiful websites fail to have call to actions. Tell people what you want them to do and prompt them to do it. Sign up now, Book today, Buy now…

5. Check spelling and grammar

Regular housekeeping is important. Check your website, read through work and make sure you are grammatically accurate and that your tone of voice is on brand and consistent. Nothing looks more unprofessional that a big typo on a website.

6.Get visual

Video and images bring a website to life and help with overall user experience. Ensure you get a nice balance on your website and that all images and videos are optimised effectively.

7.Keep it fresh

Your website needs to be updated. Google and Bing like fresh content. Pull together a content plan and add a news section to update people on your business. All content should be focused on your keywords and business goals.

8. Check your data

Google analytics and the google search console have a wealth of data you can use about your website, your site visitors and customers. Check this data regularly, review it and use it to update and tweak your website and marketing activity.


First in our 2-minute tip series – how do you look online?

I am often surprised how many businesses don’t look at their website on different devices. Most will focus on desktop or one type of mobile device.

Screenfly is a useful free website that will allow you to check how your website looks across different devices. Take a bit of time and review how the different pages on your website look and ensure they are optimised for mobile.Give it a go!