Black Friday Marketing Ideas to Increase Your Sales

It’s nearly that time of year again! Black Friday is coming and 2020 is set to be a year for online sales and consumers wanting to grab a deal!

Now is the time to get planning your campaigns! Here are some tips and ideas for your Black Friday marketing will help maximise your sales this year.

Grow a database

Email marketing is still one of the highest converting Digital Channels. Plan ahead and encourage customers and social media followers to sign up for marketing emails in the lead up to Black Friday. This can be done with lead capture adverts on social media, on your websites and in store.

Give customers a reason to sign up, for example those on our email list receive exclusive offers or extra discounts.

Email Marketing

Send out offers to your subscribers in advance and let them know what offers and deals are coming. Make sure your emails clearly communicate when promotions will run. Time sensitive offers tend to provide a sense of urgency and convert better, “24hour sale”, “For one day only”

Target and Personalise Black Friday Promotional Emails

Email always works better when you tailor the message to the recipient. Like any other marketing campaign, Black Friday engagement really comes down to understanding your email list. Divide and group contacts into several different segments according to their interests and engagement. For example, previous purchasers, gender, online shopper or inshore shopper. Also make sure to personalise emails, put the customer name on the email and tailor your messages to fit your market segments.

Add a “Find a Store” Call to Action to Email

If you have a physical shop or multiple locations, include a local-friendly call to action in your Black Friday emails to help encourage visiting your physical store.

Snappy and Catchy Subject lines

At this time of year our inboxes become extra full with everyone fighting for our attention. Make sure your subject lines stand out. Consider running an A/B test on a small proportion of your database first to test subject lines. This will allow you to determine which will have the greatest open rate and conversion rates.

Clear Call to Action

This one seems simple, but you would be surprised how many people send out emails without a clear and structured call to action. What do you want consumers to do? Shop Now, Buy Now, Sign Up. 

Work as a unit!

Your email and social media marketing should work in tandem.Utilise Facebook and Instagram posts and Adverts. Start sharing Black Friday teasers  and updates on your social media from early November so people can look ahead and know what to expect. You can use these teasers to encourage email signs ups to be the first to see your black Friday offers.

Re-marketing is Key!

This time of year consumers shop around more. We see many more abandoned carts from shoppers who have not completed their online purchase.

Re-market via social media to these people and encourage them back to completed their purchase. Consider offering an incentive to come back, free postage, 10% off. Most ecommerce platforms,like choppily will allow you to email abandoned carts. Don’t wait hours and hours to trigger a cart abandonment email! Consumers are making decisions much more quickly so it is key to act fast.

Don’t devalue your brand!

Always be careful with your Black Friday Sales to make sure you are protecting your brand value. It is easy to go big and offer massive savings but think carefully about your messaging and how it impacts the overall brand long term.


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