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Social media Training Northern Ireland

At Get Digital NI we provide Social Media Training to businesses throughout Northern Ireland giving them the skills and knowledge they need to improve online and grow their business. Each training session is bespoke and tailored to meet your individual business needs and will leave you confident and inspired to run your own Social Media channels effectively, create social media adverts and in turn grow through channels such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Tiktok and Youtube.

Why get social media training?

Is your business using social media? Would you like to see better results and learn how to grow your following? Are you customers online?

At Get Digital NI we are one of the few companies in Northern Ireland who provide bespoke social media training, tailored to your needs. Each session will help enhance your social media skills, teach you to work strategically, all you to improve social media performance, run social media adverts and analyse your accounts effectively.

Our social media training covers Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIN and Tiktok.

Social Media Ads

An Introduction to running adverts on Facebook, LinkedIN, Instagram and Twitter.

Get Social Savy

Perfect for those wanting an overview of all the different social media channels and practical tips on how to utilise and use them effectively.

Let's Talk Facebook

An in-depth look at Facebook. Training session covers pages, content creation and running Ads.

Instagram Indepth

Learn how to utilise and grow your Instagram page, Training session covers set up, tips, running ads, creating content and growing your following.

Learn LinkedIn

Learn how to effectively use LinkedIn for your business. Covers company pages, individual profiles, adverts, groups and tips on what works for your industry.


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