Digital Marketing Audit Northern Ireland

An Analysis & Review of your Marketing

Digital Marketing Audits are valuable yet often overlooked in many businesses. What is a Digital Marketing Audit? A digital marketing audit consists of looking at your online marketing, making an analysis and review of all the actions and strategies that you as a business are currently carrying out. The aim is to ensure your marketing activities are aligned with your business goals, identify what is working currently and areas for improvements. The audit that helps identify a base level of where you are currently and steps to take to move your business towards your goals.

What is involved?

At Get Digital NI we have over a decade of digital marketing experience. We conduct digital marketing audits from businesses to help give them an overview of their current digital landscape. An audit is a business document which outlines all the marketing activities and efforts the business undertakes on digital marketing channels. It contains information to help define or evaluate their digital marketing strategy and can identify opportunities such as new channel and provide insight into current performance.

When carrying out the audit we will start with an initial meeting with you to find out what you currently do and establish your overall business goals. We then will request access to relevant platforms before taking time to review each of these channels in depth. A document is produced and then presented back to you. This audit document is produced in a simple, clear and easy to understand format ( not packed with terminology that you won’t understand!) and  will include clear recommendations for moving forward.  

At Get Digital NI our Digital Marketing Audits include:-

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