Travel Industry Marketing Search Trends 2021

Travel and Tourism has been hit especially hard by the pandemic and will be feeling the effects of covid for a long time to come. As restrictions lift, worldwide tourism spending isn’t expected to fully until 2023 or beyond.

Google has recently shared searches for ‘where to travel’ and ‘can I travel’ are near all-time highs, worryingly though on 9% of the travel market feels their business is ready and prepared for the next phase of travel.

Here are a few key search trends for 2021 and beyond.

  1. People over places

The primary motivator for travel as we move out of lockdown for now is to visit friends and family! Consumers on a whole are looking to travel more for people than destinations. As a travel marketer take advantage of this trend by emphasising on human connections and shared experiences on your website and ads rather than your location. Missed Opportunities packages for Hotels are proving very popular and strong. #togetheragain and #makingmemories hashtags are playing a part on social media.

  • Disconnect and reset

Escape and disconnect from day-to-day life. After18 months of rules, restrictions and working from home many people want to reset, mix up the mundane and get away. Focus on simple experiences and pleasures. Relax, Explore, Revive and Unwind all key words being using across the industry.

  • Domestic Travel

Domestic Travel is set to be key for travel over the next Over the next 12-18months. This is helping sustain the travel industry locally, in the UK search for places to stay at home in the UK has risen by over 75%. As a local travel business sell yoru destination, promote the local hidden gems and partner with others in your industry to provide unique experiences for those visiting.

  • Sustainability

Sustainable travel is continuing to grow, consumers are looking for eco-friendly experiences and services. Exploring ways to highlight sustainability credentials in your marketing communications, include key messages and look to even offer specific “Eco Explorer” packages.

  • Stay Flexible
    Ensure you communicate messaging around flexible booking and safety measures, make these visual on your website and advertising. People want to know they’re in safe hands and should they need to make changes to a booking can do so easily.


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