3 ways shopping behaviours have changed during the pandemic

During the pandemic it wasn’t only businesses who had to pivot and change, consumers had to adapt. Suddenly buying behaviours shifted as we moved online. Below are some of the shifts in buying behaviour that are now here to stay…


1.People are inspired by Digital

Shopping online is more than a convenient way to purchase, it has become the place where shoppers discover products and find inspiration. When we browse the internet we are present with hundreds of products daily, stumbling upon inspiration often when they aren’t even looking. This now more than ever presents a great opportunity for new and emerging brands to be found.

2.Values matter

2021 has already seen an increase in shoppers purchasing based upon their values, whether it’s sustainability, corporate responsibility, or racial equality. Google released stats which showed in 2020 search interest for “ethical brands” and “ethical online shopping” grew over 300% and 600% online.


Shopping during the pandemic opened many new ways to shop, ‘click and collect’, ‘collection points’, ‘fast track aisles’, ‘home delivery’, the consumer now more than ever wants to shop in places that make life easy for them, research is showing convenience is still a deciding factor when picking an online retailer with simple returns processes being a key factor to consider.


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