4 ways to help your customer journey

Help your customers find what they need and were they need to go on your website by improving your customer journey with these tips:-

Stop Pain Points
These are where your customers are having a hard time. Do your very best to remove these pain points from your journey because these are the ones the customer will remember. Broken links, slow load times, problems checking out, no search facility on your website are some of the most common pain points with consumers.

Get Better
Ask yourself what you can do to raise the bar and deliver an experience that exceeds the expectations? How can you improve, can you offer the customer something they want before they have to look and ask for it? Can you improve cross selling and on site promotions?

Cut the rubbish
Remove any unnecessary steps required to perform an action. Get your customer to the end goal as simply and quickly as possible. Remember the 3 click rule for your website, no more than 3 clicks to get to the end goal.

Think Like A Customer
Try your website, look at your social media and do it like a customer. We often get too close to our own businesses we forget to ask our customers and learn from their journeys.



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