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Digital marketing consultancy Northern Ireland

As a Digital Marketing Consultant, I work closely with my clients, to look at their current digital marketing activities, assess results and develop a digital marketing strategy which helps to improve performance and deliver on their business objectives.

With all my clients I take a holistic view of their business, considering all areas of the marketing mix, both online and offline as these should never work in isolation but instead work in harmony. When working with businesses we consider the ideal customers and how to communicate with them in the most effective way. We look at business goals and product USPs to ensure we are getting the right message to the right people via the right channel.

  • Full Audit of current Digital Marketing
  • Developing a strong Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Developing the internet as a sales channel
  • Tactical digital marketing e.g social media, Ad Words, SEO, websites, Email
  • Social Media and your business communications
  • Identifying opportunities for growth
  • The identification of suitable digital marketing software to meet your requirements

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